A few weeks ago, an exciting announcement echoed through our corridors—the birth of Onafriq, a testament to our renewed identity. Mxolisi Msutwana, our Chief Operating Officer, shares insights into the meaning behind Onafriq and why this rebranding aligns with our proud Pan-African journey. In an interview with Technext, he addresses questions about the name’s origins, its connection to Nigeria, and how it reflects our commitment to being a truly global brand.

Read an excerpt of the Interview below:

Q: Let us look at the meaning of Onafriq. I am curious here. Africa has a lot of languages. This sounds like a Yoruba word from Nigeria. The continent has hundreds of languages, so why Yoruba? Second, considering the fact that you are now a global brand, isn’t this name going to be limiting?

A: Right from the onset, our roots have always been to be proudly Pan-African. So, in whatever journey that we undertake, we always want to reflect the Africanness of the business.

Now, you cannot say that you are truly a Pan-African FinTech company if you are not in Nigeria. Nigeria, even for us, is one of our biggest markets on the continent. Then, we believe that when we are looking for a name, it makes sense for all of us to honour our major markets.

So, we took the word “Ona” from Yoruba, which means road or path. Then, we combined it with the variation of the French word. “Afrique”, which means Africa. Then, the “IQ” is a reference to the brilliant solutions that we are building and the amazing team that is building them.

So, we combined all of those together to come up with Onafriq. I think it essentially consolidated a multitude of ideologies and missions that we are driving across Africa and the world.

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