Greetings, inquisitive minds! Ever pondered the inner workings of a profession where you craft products, elevate them to excellence, and facilitate cross-border financial assistance? Allow me to introduce Mary Ajeigbe, our esteemed product virtuoso at Baxi!

However, here’s the intriguing part: Mary is poised to embark on an enlightening journey, elucidating her role to a 10-year-old. Ready for this captivating insight? Let’s embark on this magical expedition!

Mary’s Realm: Deciphering Product Management for a Young Audience 🌟

Meet Mary Ajeigbe, Product Manager
Meet Mary Ajeigbe

Salutations! I’m Mary, and I’m employed at Baxi Remit. Our mission is to facilitate seamless money transfers to family and friends across different African nations. Picture possessing a mystical wallet, brimming with enchanted coins that you wish to share with distant companions. In essence, that’s a glimpse of what we do!

You’re probably acquainted with your knack for selecting the most captivating toys and games for leisure. Well, my job bears some semblance to that, albeit tailored for grown-ups. I oversee the development of our money-transferring tool, ensuring not only its user-friendliness but also its security and swiftness, akin to a superhero’s supersonic jet. Similar to your quest for toys that are both entertaining and functional, I strive to ensure that our money-transfer tool is not only easy to use but also impeccably efficient.

Here are some fascinating facets of our endeavors at Baxi Remit:

1. Convenience: Transferring money to friends and family is a breeze, regardless of their location in Africa. You can achieve this directly from your smartphone!

2. Cross-Border Magic: We’ve simplified the process of sending money to various African nations, even if they employ different currencies. Think of it as sending enchanted coins that metamorphose into the appropriate currency upon arrival!

3. Favorable Rates: You receive excellent value when you employ Baxi Remit, akin to securing a discount on your cherished toys.

4. Utmost Security: Your money is perpetually safeguarded with us. We’ve instituted special safeguards to ensure the security of your funds throughout their journey.

And do you wish to know my secret strategy for excelling in my role? It’s the unwavering motivation! Similar to your earnest desire to triumph in a game or enhance your abilities, I’m equally determined to elevate Baxi Remit to unparalleled excellence.

So, there’s a sneak peek into my role at Baxi Remit. It’s akin to being a guardian of financial transactions, assuring that funds reach their intended destinations seamlessly, akin to magic! 🪄

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