Baxi POS is a point of sale and payment processing solution designed for small businesses to help them streamline their business operations, manage their financials and boost their revenue. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how Sade, a small business owner, upscaled her income by implementing Baxi POS.

About Sade’s Business

Sade is the owner of a small retail store located in a bustling neighborhood in Lagos. She sells a variety of products, including groceries, toiletries, and household items. Despite the high demand for her products, Sade found it challenging to keep track of her sales and manage her finances.

Sade’s Challenges

Sade’s business faced several challenges, including cash management, inventory management, and tracking sales. Her business operations were time-consuming and tedious, and she often found herself overwhelmed with paperwork. Additionally, Sade’s business had limited payment options, which resulted in lost sales.

How Baxi POS Helped

Sade was introduced to Baxi POS by a friend, and she quickly realized the benefits of using the solution. With Baxi POS, Sade was able to manage her inventory in real-time, track sales, and generate reports that provided insights into her business performance. Additionally, Baxi POS allowed her to accept multiple payment options, including cash, card, and mobile money, which increased her sales.


By implementing Baxi POS, Sade was able to streamline her business operations and boost her income significantly. She saved time on paperwork and reduced errors in her financial records. Additionally, Baxi POS’s reporting tools helped her identify top-selling products, which allowed her to make informed decisions about her inventory. Within six months of using Baxi POS, Sade’s revenue increased by 40%.


Baxi POS is an excellent solution for small businesses looking to streamline their operations, manage their finances, and increase their revenue. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Baxi POS can help small businesses like Sade’s achieve their business goals. If you’re a small business owner looking to upscale your income, consider implementing Baxi POS in your business today. Click here to get a Baxi POS – Get started here.

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