In an episode of the Flip Africa podcast, sponsored by MFS Africa, the discussion focused on the African labour market and tech companies’ efforts to address related issues. Our COO, Mxolisi Msutwana, was a guest on the show, providing insights into the acquisition of Baxi by MFS Africa and the opportunities it presents for Nigerians and Africans as a whole.

In describing the episode titled “The Future of Work is Matching,” Flip Africa stated that “labour markets are inefficient, especially in African countries. Often, it takes platforms explicitly connecting supply to existing demand.”

Our COO, Mxolisi Msutwana, appeared alongside Jeremy Johnson, Co-founder & CEO of Andela; Hilda Kragha, CEO of The African Talent Company; Mona Mourshed, Founding Global CEO of Generation: You Employed; and Sayo Folawiyo, Co-founder & CEO of Kandua.

Listen to the episode below:


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