Meet the Baxi Woman: Onome Egbodion; Deputy Head, Corporate Service.

On the #BaxiWoman series, we move across the company to give you an exclusive peek into the lives of our amazing female team members. Who are they? What do they do? What goes into reinventing how Nigerian businesses make electronic payments?

Today, we have our Deputy Head of Corporate Service living in Lagos takes the spotlight.


Tell us about yourself and what you do.

My name is Egbodion Onome, an experienced Human Resource and Administrative Business Partner with strong leadership and general management capabilities.

An expert in aligning organizational development strategies and processes applicable to our business to achieve expectations.

Currently am the Deputy Head, of Corporate Service of which I manage all of the day-to-day operations of the business.

One memorable highlight of your career with Baxi?

After completing my degree started my career in the sales department, my goal was to be the best, so I was living up to the best opportunities I had.
Sometimes you tend to find yourself in a position where others or even life shows more confidence in you than you do yourself. And you are assigned a task/project that you are not sure you can handle.

However, whether you succeed or fail totally depends upon the attitude with which you start.

When I switched roles, I realized I was offered a role much bigger than I thought I was capable of handling. I was totally ready to let go of the opportunity and stay put in my comfort zone. I took up the role because someone else believed in me. Years later, I look back and marvel at the learnings that came my way, the people I met on my journey, and the tremendous knowledge they shared. The success was not alone mine but the learnings were.

Woman Crush Everyday: Baxi Woman

How would you describe the impact of Nigerian women in corporate businesses?

Nigerian woman in the corporate scene have been remarkably becoming influential in the corporate business. Women have begun taking the initiative to drive sustainable business growth especially in the Financial service sector. As a result, they are gradually occupying Leadership positions and making tremendous impacts. I am certain we would see more of these in the coming years.

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