On this edition of the Baxi Woman series, where we move across the company and spotlight the strong women driving essential unit of the business and get them to tell us very quickly “Who are they?” “What do they do?” and “What goes into reinventing how Nigerian businesses make electronic payments?”

Today, we have Goodness Okuagwu, our Deputy Head of Training at Baxi.

How would you describe your role and how it impacts the Baxi Agents?

Been in the Training and KUC unit has provided opportunities for our agents to expand their knowledge on how to sell products and services on their POS and the mobile app and also provide KYC support for our Baxi agents and merchant.

How passionate are you about serving Baxi Agents?

My goal in all online sessions that I anchor is for our Baxi agents to understand how to cross sell products that will yield high profit for them. This is their goal where the first decide to use of products and I must say I am quite passionate about them understanding how the product works as this is the start for them to get maximum value.


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