Welcome to our new Baxi Woman series, where we move across the company to give you an exclusive peek into the lives of our amazing female team members. Who are they? What do they do? What goes into reinventing how Nigerian businesses make electronic payments?

Today, we have Deborah Olajire, our Area Sales Supervisor living in Lagos.


How do you describe what you do at Baxi?
I give out POS machines and provide support (after-sales) services to people who use it for cash withdrawal, money transfer, inventory management system (IMS) and payment of bills like GOtv, DStv, Startimes subscriptions, PHCN bills, recharge cards and gaming.

One of the memorable highlights of your career? Any at all?
Yes, I am actually proud of the exposure and the experiences gained so far by passing through the stages of a Sales Trainee to a Territory Sales Officer (TSO) and to an Area Sales Supervisor (ASS). This has made me a stronger, better and bolder woman, inspite of the challenges.

What does being a Nigerian woman mean to you?
Being a Nigerian woman is a mixture of different emotions.

Being a Nigerian woman is synonymous to strength and capacity, being fearless in the midst of challenges, taking charge and ensuring you are being heard no matter the criticism.

A Nigerian woman is a strong woman – strong spiritually, strong at work, strong socially and strong in your home. It means breaking barriers because you are a woman means you can have it all – God has given us capacity.

I think that as Nigerian women, it is an important step in fostering independence, ownership, and responsibility.

As a Nigerian woman, I am proud of our heritage, proud of our culture, proud of our history as trail blazers, our entrepreneurial spirit, our loving nature, the list goes on.

As a Nigerian woman, I have a sense of purpose and responsibility.

My mother is an example of a Proverbs 31 kind of woman. She is an entrepreneur and director in her place of work. She is a support system to us and we are really proud of her.

Nigerian women express their joy, their femininity, their identity, and their strength.

Baxi is one of the largest independent non-bank SME focused electronic payment networks in Nigeria operating an omnichannel platform that enables digital payments through mobile, in-store locations, online, wallets and B2B channels.

What’s your favourite Baxi product and why?
Cash withdrawal and money transfer. This is because it’s an everyday service that enables people to meet up with their daily financial needs.

Do you own a shop and are looking to earn more or simplify payment receipts and bills payment? Reach us on call 013438611, 017008571 to get started or Install the Baxi App from the Google Play and iOS app store.

Baxi on Android: https://bit.ly/baxiongplay
Baxi on iOS: https://apple.co/3N6XT9J

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