On this edition of the Baxi Woman series, where we move across the company and spotlight the strong women driving essential unit of the business and get them to tell us very quickly “Who are they?” “What do they do?” and “What goes into reinventing how Nigerian businesses make electronic payments?”

This position is to provide high quality technical financial support on a broad range of financial matters, including by aggregating and analyzing financial information, producing financial reports and developing financial policies and other tools to enhance financial integrity and consistency in standards and to

Today, we have Augustina Emefiele, our Senior Associate – Finance at Baxi.

How long have you been with Baxi?

I have been with Baxi for 7 and half years, and experienced growth personally and professionally.

Over the years, I have given my best and will continue to give my best as we make Baxi a force to be reckoned with in the industry..

What is your biggest inspiration while working with Baxi?

My biggest inspiration is the opportunity to lead a team of smart, hardworking, creative and vibrant personalities who, like me, are committed to providing value to our Agents and making the entire process seamless and successful.

It is our duty to monitor and spot financial issues or errors and resolve them accordingly. I can confidently say that I am proud of my team.

How passionate are you about serving Baxi Agents?

I am very passionate serving Baxi Agents!

I go the extra mile in ensuring that I resolve financial complaints even during the weekend and at when it is inconvenient.

I also look out for opportunities to solve complex problems for our Agents in order to put smiles on their faces at the end of the day.



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