We don do some kind upgrade for our specific screens wey dey all our channels (iOS, Android, and POS). Dis upgrade na so we fit improve how you dey use Baxi, how e take dey look, and to make sure say you dey service dem your customer well sef. 

Wetin dey new on Baxi? 

We don put drop-down for Transaction History: You fit see different reports wen you need dem as our business dey grow. E dey easy now for you to select and see all the reports wey dey for your transaction history. We even add some color to make e look better. 

Wallet History don upgrade: Just like transaction History, we don change the slider to drop-down so e go dey uniform. We make sure say how you dey use am dey better, and we put balance after every transaction, so you fit see your money. 

Receipts don better: We make sure say the receipt wey you dey see dey show the transaction status clearly. No be the first thing wey you wan see when you start transaction? The receipt dey small now, but you fit still copy am, report am, and share am. 

Partner Status Screen (Success Rate): We put search bar so you no go dey scroll go up and down for list of banks. 

In Summary, Wetin we don work on recently: 

  • We don launch Baxi Voucher 
  • We don launch Baxi Remit  
  • We upgrade KYC 

No forget say we dey here to make your life easier. We go dey update you as we dey upgrade our services. Thanks for your support! 

Baxi dey for you! 


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