In a bid to improve user experience and higher transaction success rate, Baxi has introduced two new features on the platform named Bank Network Checker to enhance Card withdrawal and transfer success rate. The two functionalities are currently available on POS to help agents better manage their own and their customers’ expectations prior to commencing cash-in cash-out transactions.

This exciting new feature will boost platform efficiency, giving them greater control over transactions; examine and analyze the money transfer or cash withdrawal transaction success rate of the various bank network to confirm availability or downtime before carrying out any transaction.

How To Check Bank Network on Baxi

  1. Update your Baxi POS to enable this feature
  2. Login to your Baxi POS
  3. Locate Bank Network Checker

How To Confirm Money Withdrawal and Transfer Success Rate

  1. Tap on withdrawal to check the success rate on various bank network
  2. Tap on transfer to check the success rate on various bank networks.
  3. The green colour represents a high level of success rate on various bank networks.
  4. Yellow colour represents 50/50 chances of successful transaction
  5. Red colour represents low level of success rate on various bank networks

How to Check Bank Network on Baxi? Watch the video below:

Why Baxi Bank Network Checker

Baxi developed this initiative to further strengthen reliability and trust between the brand and the agents following an outcry on the incessant unavailability of third party networks in recent weeks which has led to low transaction success rate.

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