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  • Baxi Box has a Nationwide agent network with a high penetration at communities and areas that are not sufficiently served but with a high subscription or customer rate.
  • Mobile nature of the Baxi Box that encourages vast usage.
  • With Baxi Box, revenue streams can be expanded without any investment in manpower and resources.
  • About any transaction across a vast range of industries like Banking, Insurance, Healthcare amongst others can be done through the Baxi Box.
  • Baxi Box allows merchants /businesses to accept payment for their goods and services through the remotely.
  • The Baxi Box platform is bespoke and can be tailored to meet the taste buds of specific customers e.g, Embassies, Churches, T&E, B2B, Airlines, Loyalty, Churches, Hospitals, etc.
  • The Baxi Box prides in a very strong platform devoid of common I.T updates and downtime.
  • The integration process on to the Baxi Box platform is one of the seamless I.T process in the world.
  • Every merchant on the Baxi Box platform has a real time access to the back end interface of all transaction on its platform and can easily generate reports for all financial and operational purpose.
  • With Baxi Box, merchants are 100% guaranteed of their income and it is devoid of fraud or theft.
  • We operate a real time customer service and maintenance support as we understand the importance of an effective customer service is resolving end consumer issues.
  • With Baxi Box, merchants can easily understand and monitor the trend of their business.
  • Baxi Box helps increase Revenue collections as a result of the numerous retail presence provided by the agents.

We invite you to become a Partner on Baxi Box platform and expand your business with zero operational cost and seamless connection with your consumers or clients.

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