Frequently asked questions

To become a Baxi box agent, you are required to make the payment below, fill and provide the agreement documents.

  • Device leasing fee: NGN90, 000
  • Licence Fee: NGN5, 000
  • Refundable Deposit (Agent Capital): A minimum of NGN25, 000 is required to fund your agent account.
  • This will allow you to access and sell any of the numerous products and services on the BAXI Box

Agents are determined by simple assessments. These are designed and delivered in conjunction with product providers to ensure agents are geared to provide the services to the customers. Agents with secure physical locations that meet assessment standards will qualify for order delivery service provision.


  • Complete CDL sign-up form
  • Submit completed forms and attend platform briefing
  • Collect agreement documents and guarantor form from CDL
  • Make financial commitment for the device
  • Submit required documents and receive your device

Required documents

  • 2 passport photographs
  • Means of identification (Int’l passport, Driver’s license, National ID, Voter’s card)
  • Signed CDL agreement form

Contact details

Contact email (to receive the form):

Customer care: 01-7101023

  • Trade Partners: A Trade partner is an individual, Principal Agent or corporate entity that acquires controls and monitors Principal Agents, agents and sub-Agents, who operate within specific territory or regions authorized by Capricorn Digital Limited or those who are registered under their license with Capricorn Digital Limited.
  • Principal Agent: A Principal Agent is an individual or corporate entity that acquires controls and monitors a minimum of five Sub-Agents and a maximum of twenty sub-agents, who are registered under his license with Capricorn Digital Limited which cost twenty five thousand naira only
  • Direct Agents: A direct Agent is an individual or corporate entity that acquires, a baxi box or more directly for Capricorn digital limited or trade partners and she is entitled to full commission.
  • Sub Agents: A sub agent is an individual acquired, controlled and monitored by his principal or direct agent. A sub agent is entitled to share or split his commission with the principal or direct agent. There are often financed by either principal or direct agents.
You earn commission instantly for every product you sell on the device. When a transaction is done, the cost price of that product is deducted from your wallet while you collect the selling cost from the buyer. This selling price comprises of both cost price and commission earned. So you are expected to remove the commission before making payment into the bank.
You get your commission immediately you make a sale. The commission is in your hand while the virtual reflection is in your account. E.g., if you sell airtime of MTN 100 to a customer, 97 naira is debited from your unused balance instead of 100 naira which leaves you with a profit of 100 (because you collected 100 naira from the customer). Thus, the commission section is credited with 3.00 naira. This section is virtual and is a reflection of your real time commission.
We render technical and operational support through various support channels such as customer service, emails, whatsapp chat, and field support.
Charge the device, restart it and login, then click print last transaction.
Possibly the battery has run down and needs to be plugged to electricity to charge. If it persists, call customer care.
Ensure that the paper roll is well inserted and tight and then click reprint option.
Restart your device and if issue persists, Contact our customer care line and a repair and maintenance representative will be contacted to retrieve the device from the agent and replace the screen within 24hours.
You can transfer funds to any of our accounts and you will be credited once your payment is verified. Our head office is also open on Saturdays and holidays from 9:00am to 2:00pm. However, all agents are always advised to have sufficient funds in their accounts during the weekend or holidays in order to sustain their transactions.
There is a 24 hours internet facility running, the Baxi box is automatically connected once powered on.
Visit our office or our nearest sub office.
  • For each Principal Agent license, A Principal Agent can have up to 20 Sub-Agents registered or created under his license, which he pays twenty five thousand instead of one hundred thousand naira.
  • Principal Agents earn commission from all of the transactions completed by their Sub-Agents
  • CDL gives all Principal Agents the option to choose the commission split between them and their Sub-Agents
  • A Principal Agent can be a selling or non-selling Principal Agent. A selling Principal Agent makes the normal commission earned from his own baxibox as well as the fraction earned from Sub Agents. A non-selling Principal Agent only makes a fraction of the CDL commission from Sub Agents. The Principal Agent can choose the commission split between him and his Sub-Agent. However, this commission split must first be approved by CDL before it can be implemented.
  • Principal Agents can leverage on a large Sub-Agents to boost their income generating capacity. As they are making commission from every Naira sold by their Subs.
  • It is an easier way of building a business of your own with less capital and less stress
You can monitor your sales from anywhere using your internet enabled phone or laptop by login to or
Login with your username and password on the Baxi box, then click on the human icon by the top right side to display wallet balance.
Pending transactions always happen when there is a network fluctuation from the product service provider.
When you pay through our collection platform, your account will be automatically credited, but for any other means of payment, you need to notify us.
Collection platform is an integrated platform with the bank that credits your wallet once money is lodged into the account.
For every transaction consummated, your commission is duly recorded on the device, and you are expected to remove it before making payment into the bank.
Wallet is the e-purse that indicates your Hard limit, soft limit, net-balance, commission and unused balance etc.
Maintenance fee is a minute fragment of fund deducted weekly from agent’s wallet to offset network (internet) charges, bank charges and other related costs.
Special registration to sell certain products is needed in compliance to Vendor/service provider’s business ethics. I printed cards from my device, but I am experiencing difficulty in loading the cards with error message “pin does not exist” why?
  • Check your account balance if you have been credited at the initial attempt.
  • If you were not credited, kindly call the network customer service number and provide them with card details.
BAXI Box does not have IE smartcard prepaid enabled.
Delivery of a new Baxi box takes an average of 5-10 working days depending on certain logistics.
Most updates needs stronger network availability to run (wi-fi) or hotspot, if network signal in your area is not strong enough.
Ensure that the username and phone used for deposit is the same with the information provide to CDL during the agent registration process. To confirm your information is correct, kindly log on to your back end or contact the customer service line.
Check the paper compartment and ensure paper roll is well inserted and confirm that the printer head is not broken; also check battery strength of your device and always charge well before use.
Send your winning ticket number via text/call to our office, we will confirm and credit your wallet/bank account immediately.
Ask the subscriber to call Multichoice customer service toll free lines 08149860333 MTN, 07080630333 Airtel, 09090630333 Etisalat and provide them with his subscription details for a prompt resolution. If issue persists, kindly escalate to CDL customer service.
To change your username, you will be required to fill a change of name form either through an online request, your relationship manager or at our office to effect the change.
Head Office: No. 3. Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.
Yes we have branch offices across all states through our trade partner network.
Yes we have branch offices across all states through our trade partner network.